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Have you ever been hungover and driving home and had the realization “I can eat TACO BELL” wash over you in joyful cascades like angels methodically bathing each other in ambrosia? Monday was such a day for me, following a friend’s wedding in Saratoga Springs.

While the plan was ultimately derailed by Siri – who was only able to tell me of Taco Bell locations nearby, but not those directly off the highway – and I ended up eating a spinach stromboli (followed by, um, a slice of cheese pizza) – I was lucky enough to stumble across the below Yelp review while hot on the trail of Mexican pizza and Seven-Layer Burritos:

“Drive thru gets a little backed up late at night especially when there is a show at Northern Lights. The food is very well made and extremely hot. Special requests are accommodated easily. Friendly workers.” – Mike L.

How did I not know or assume people reviewed fast food restaurants?! While the impulse to review a local Taco Bell eludes me, the review itself seems like it could be helpful to the discerning local eater. I love the idea of ‘well prepared’ and ‘extremely hot’ being the ultimate criteria for culinary success.


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