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So, apparently an eventful summer is not super-conducive to writing things down. Here is a patchy reel of gastronomic happenings from the last few months:

Fun to find a savory recipe for a springform pan. This mix of pasta, cheese, peas, and mint – pleasingly odd-looking when cut into slices – is compliments of Bon Appetit:

A trip to Kauai in September involved an embarrassment of raw tuna and some freshly cleaved coconut:

This fine half-pounder of tuna, seaweed, and sesame oil came from Foodland’s (convincingly recommended) poke bar which had at least 15 different cold seafood salads on offer. I ate this over the course of a couple of days with cold beer and macadamia nuts.

Near Ke’e Beach on the North Shore. I also tried the younger coconut, more popular with locals, which is mild and has a jelly-like texture (unlike the meaty, shreddable heft of mature coconut flesh).

This was one of the best at-home salmon meals so far: arugula salad, simple, grilled salmon, and homemade versions of potato chips, tartar sauce, and pickled red onions for sides.

At $6/lb, very fresh, and the perfect size to feed two, rainbow trout was the grill favorite of the summer. Stuffed generously with cilantro, lemon slices, olive oil, and salt and pepper.

Here’s the trout topped with a gremolata of coarsely crushed roasted almonds, lemon juice (and some minced rind), olive oil, and cilantro.

Nature’s Easter eggs! Almost too whimsical to be true. These are from a farmstand somewhere between Seattle and La Conner, WA.

Summer brought a BBQ to the balcony. Shrimp grilling in their shells for maximum flavor.

Habanero gazpacho with crab and chives. This was really, really good.

The Leavenworth area was lousy with early-season pears (and sprinklers to water them, perfect for frolicking).

Lobster mushroom. This appealing monster was toothsome and flavorful cooked with butter and swiss chard.








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