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  • Frozen ginger – Who knew you could just keep a thumb of one of these spicy, bald cacti in the freezer and grate it as-is into the pot? Not me. A great new trick.
  • Sashimi-grade tuna – so Camilo can sneak slices at will. The nearby Seattle Fish Co is awesome. Tonight we went just because they stock my favorite Pinot Noir, from Copper Hill.
  • Fresh lemongrass – all you have to do is peel back the woody parts to reach the tender middle, which yields easily to the knife.
  • Fanc-o fresh farmers’ market eggs – with yolks to write home about, these babies have converted a staunch favor-er of scrambled preparations to the over easy breakfast sandwich as well as the soft boiled egg.
  • Red curry paste – important to know that you either use this OR create your own version with more ‘from scratch’ ingredients like spicy peppers, lemongrass, coriander, etc. Not both. The intense flavor you could pretend was delicious instead of overwhelming but the spice? Holy match-slapping thunderhorses, it was INSANE.
  • Roasted beets – great flavor, but who cares what they taste like, even? That supersaturated magenta is absolutely visceral. Aesthetically rejuvenating just to be around.
  • Candystripe beets – Tiny gems that taste like normal beets but look like starlight mints!
  • Lemon cucumber – Shaped like a wobbly, striated lemon with a flattened top and bottom, with the flesh of a potato only a little stippled, this goodnatured Frankenstein is more cucumber then lemon in flavor and texture once cut into. Perfect for flavored seltzer.

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