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Today I have cooked all day after a trip to the farmer’s market. The one item that hasn’t taken a turn in pot nor oven is the sack of groundcherries I brought home – I’m still much too in awe to start hacking into them hopefully.

Groundcherries, in all their husk'd glory

If you, like me, had never heard of these splendiferous little sweets – husked like a tomatillo, sweet as fruit, and near-identical in texture to a cherry tomato albeit with stonier seeds – you are in for a treat.

I’m considering making little cupcakes with them, a decision partially driven by the non-disposal, rainbow-colored muffin liners I brought back from a kitchen store in Norway earlier this summer.

Silicone muffin cups: full visible spectrum

Other items made today:
1. Carmelized onions and cubed roasted winter squash served over wild rice (A modification of this recipe.)

2. A great scape pesto that’s good even sans food processor:

Scape pesto, classy as can be in a reused grated Romano cheese container

3. My Mom’s minestrone (recipe to come)

A question in closing: Is homemade vegetable stock overrated or am I just really awful at making it?

Shoes, and ships, and sealing wax...and cabbages and kings!


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